Best Type of Football Bet

Betting Guide, Today: Thu 28

When you consider your upcoming football betting tips there are many different ways you can attack the bookmakers. One real advantage for punters is the types of bets that are available for us to use, so we can use the right bet for the right situation. Here you will have all football bets explained to you, so you can judge which bet to use in which situation, and that is only going to make you an even better football punter.

What is a Single Bet?

A single bet is exactly as it sounds, one bet on one selection that is taking part in one event. This is the simplest of all the bet types that are out there and a great place to start if you want to get going slowly. Single bets are great bet types if you are looking to have regular winners because you are not putting together more than one selection. For example, if you were to place a double you are requiring two selections to win, whereas two singles on those selections mean that you will get a return from just one winner.

If you are backing at short odds then placing a single may not be the best wager to place. This is because your returns will only be small, and this is the one downside to betting in singles. If you are backing at bigger prices then singles are a great way to bet, but at short odds, you are probably going to need to put together more selections to make your bet worthwhile.

What is a Doubles Bet?

A doubles bet is where you place a wager on two different selections both to win their game. From the biggest Premier League games to many smaller leagues around the world, you can place a double on any football match. By putting together two selections you need both of them to win and this makes the bet harder to land than a single, but you will be rewarded if you have a winner by much better odds. 

If you have been placing accumulator bets and not been able to win because you are being let down by selections then dropping down to doubles may be the short-term answer. You can place a double on any event, and with just two selections needed it is far easier to land a winning double than an accumulator with many selections. The odds on offer for those who win won’t be as good, but you will be able to get your confidence back by picking a winner.

How Does a Trixie Bet Work?

A Trixie bet is a favourite for many punters and a great and simple way to back your selections. The bet consists of a total of four different bets, and they are three doubles and one treble, and the bet is placed using three selections. The stake you place on the bet needs to be multiplied by four to give you the total amount of the bet, a one unit Trixie will cost you a total of four units.

The one difference between a Trixie and an accumulator, as well as other bets, is that you don’t need every one of your selections to win for you to get a return. The bet has three selections, but because you are placing doubles and a treble on those three, you will receive a return if just two of them win, because you will have one winning double. Of all the football bets explained, this is one to remember because it doesn’t cost too much, just four units stake and you get good coverage because you get a return for two winners out of three.

What is a Patent Bet?

A patent bet is placed on three selections and it gives you a full cover bet on them. By being a full cover bet, this means that even if you have just one winner from your three picks, you will pick up a return from your bookmaker. The best consists of three single bets, three doubles and a treble, to give you a total of seven lines. This means that if you are going to place the bet, the total cost will be seven times your unit stake, so a one unit patent will cost you a total of seven units.

A patent bet is great for many different events and is a very versatile bet that you can place. After people have had patent betting explained to them, many have gone on to place patents and they have become increasingly popular. If you are backing at a higher price and you want to place single bets, but you also want to cover doubles and trebles just in case you have three winners, a patent bet is a way to do it and provides you with full coverage on your selections.

What is a Yankee Bet?

A Yankee bet is placed on four selections and you will cover every single permutation of double and trebles, as well as having an accumulator on all four. There are 11 bets in total, and these are split up into six doubles, four trebles and a fourfold accumulator on all your selections. With so many bets involved it is important to note that the bet will cost you a total of 11 units, so you may want to consider how much you stake on these bets.

To get a return from a Yankee bet you will need not one winner but two winners or above because singles are not involved in this bet. The good news here is that you can afford to have a loser and still get a good pick up, three winners would give you a total of four winning bets and that would still bring a nice returned. A Yankee bet explained to punters shows that you can win big by placing small stakes, but it is also worth noting that a Yankee covers many eventualities, so you can have a return off two winners, and still a nice return from three winners.

If you are looking for a multiple bet to place on bigger priced selections then seeing Yankee football bets explained may show you that this is the bet to go with. If you are using bigger priced selections then you will get a nice return for two winners, a very good return for three winners and a fantastic return if you are lucky enough to land all four.

Lucky 15 Bet

A lucky 15 has a total of 15 lines in it as the name would suggest. These are four singles, six doubles, four trebles and one fourfold accumulator. The winnings can be big from a lucky 15, if you have four correct selections out of four then you are going to receive a very big payout from the bookmakers. Should you do that, not only do you get the returns from the fourfold accumulator, but you will also get paid the returns from the singles, doubles and trebles, which is what makes your bet add up to a huge amount.

If just one team wins in your bet then you will receive consolation returns on the bet, because you will have one winning bet. The return will only be small, but at least you will get something back that you can reinvest on other events. The best part about a lucky 15 bet is that when you are watching a world football match that you have placed a bet on, you know that if that one wins you will receive a return, regardless of what the other selections do for you.

Trebles Bet

A treble is a straight bet on three different events where you require all three of them to win if you are to have a return from the bookmakers. This means there is some risk involved, because if you have one or two winners out of your three then you will not get any return at all from the bet. This means you could find yourself in a position where you back two good priced winners, but because one loses you will get nothing back.

The treble bet is one that can offer you great excitement, especially if your selections are spread across different times. You will be able to watch your first winner and get excited, then when your second winner's lands you will be very excited, waiting for all of your money to role onto the third and final selection. Of all the bet types, a treble offers you the chance to land a good winner, but it is attached with risk and you have to factor that in when placing your bets. The risk is not as much as accumulator bets with more selections but with all football bets explained here, there is risk involved when you are requiring all of your selections to win for you to see a return.

Four Fold Football Bet

A four fold bet is a straight bet that can also be known as a small accumulator. There are four selections in this bet, and it works exactly the same way as an accumulator does. When placing fourfold bets, be aware that the odds on these compared to a normal accumulator are often lower because of the smaller number of selections. However, you should also note that you need to guess a fewer number of correct betting selections, so the chances of you winning on a fourfold bet are greater than if you were to place a bet on eight selections for example. Like any other type of accumulator, this bet requires every one of your selections to win, if you get three winners out of four then you will not have any returns to come off your bet.

When looking at your accumulator options you will have to weigh up each individual bet and make a decision based on how you feel at the time. If you pick out four sports selections and you look at the odds, you will have to decide for yourself whether you want to stick at four, or find other selections and turn the bet into a larger accumulator. A fourfold is more likely to give you a winning wager, but it will also return shorter odds.

5 Fold Accumulator

A five fold accumulator is the next step up from a fourfold accumulator and the rules of a five-fold work in exactly the same way. The one exception is the obvious one and that is that you will have to choose five teams for your bet, this increases the odds but it also makes the bet harder to land. When choosing which bets to place, look at the number of selections you have, look at the odds on offer and weigh up whether you want to add another team in, or just leave the bet and go with what you have already picked out.

A five team accumulator will cost you one unit stake, and you need all five teams to win if you are to be successful. The terminology used on this bet can be a little confusing as some people call the bets accumulators, while others call them five folds. They are both the same bet, a five fold is an accumulator bet with five teams in it. With five fold betting explained you should feel comfortable when it comes to placing one, and after choosing your selections this is something you can do with ease.

Super Yankee

This is one of the important football bets explained here because it is known as two different names and that can often lead to confusion. Some people call this bet a Super Yankee, while others call it a Canadian. The most common name is a SuperYankeee, but if you see Canadian mentioned anywhere then this is the bet that they are referring to. The bet is a big one, consisting of a total of 26 bets, so whatever your unit stake is, it needs multiplying by 26 to give you the cost of your bet.

The Super Yankee has five selections, and covering those five selections are ten doubles, ten trebles 5 four-folds and one accumulator. To get anything back on the bet you need a minimum of two winners and the more winners you have, the more winning bets you will have and the higher your returns will be. All five of your selections winning would of course bring the biggest return, but super Yankees with four winning selections can also be hugely profitable for the punter. If you are putting together bigger priced selections and you want to cover anything from doubles upwards, the super yankee is one of the types of bets you need to be looking at.

Lucky 31 Bet

A lucky 31 bet is very similar to a couple of bets that we have already mentioned on here, and like the name suggests there are a total of 31 bets involved here. The lucky 31 is exactly the same as a super yankee, with the addition of singles as well on your five selections, while other people know it as the same as a lucky 15, but with five selections instead of four. If you are looking to place a full coverage bet on five big prices selections then the lucky 31 will cover every single bet for you, and give you a return if just one of your five selections is victorious.

The five selections in a lucky 31 are covered by 5 singles, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-folds and a five-fold accumulator. As with any bets like this, the more winners you have, the higher your returns will be and with 31 winning bets when all five win for you, expect a very nice pay out when this happens. As you will notice with all football bets explained to you, some are very similar with just slight differences and the lucky 31 bet is one of those bets.

What is a Heinz Bet?

A Heinz bet is a large multiple bet that you can place on many different events, with the hope of bringing a huge return. The Heinz covers six selections and in total there are 57 bets involved, giving you every combination of doubles and upwards, all the way up to an accumulator that will bring massive profits if you can land it. The bets involved are 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfolds, 6 fivefolds and one six-fold accumulator on all of your selections. Heinz bets are usually kept to small stakes as they cost you 57 times your unit stake, so a 0.5 unit Heinz would be at a cost of 28.5 units.

The great appeal of placing a Heinz bet is that you can pick out a number of selections and you do not need them all to win for you to have a return. The bet does cost more to place, but even with just four winners out of six, you should still get a nice pay out from the bookmakers. You will get a return for just two winners, and like a lot of these bets the more winners you have, the bigger your return on the bet will be.

Lucky 63 Bet

A lucky 63 is another type of lucky bet that many people place and this one has six selections. The bet is an extension of the lucky 15 and lucky 31 bets that have already been mentioned, but this one has extra selections taking it to six. There are 63 bets covering every single possibility on a lucky 63 and these are 6 singles, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-folds, 6 five-folds and 1 six-fold accumulator. This means if you have just one winner on your bet then you will get a return, and the more winners you have the bigger your returns will be.

A lucky 63 gives you the chance to win big, and it also covers the times when you only have one, two or three winners. However, this does come at a price and there are 63 bets involved, so you will have to pay 63 times your unit stake. Even at 0.5 per unit, this will still cost you 31.50 so when placing a bet like this, you do have to think about the outlay. However, you will get a return for just one winner, and even if you only manage to get three or four winners out of six you should still get a nice pick up, especially compared to an accumulator where you will receive nothing back if you get four winners out of six.

Super Heinz Bet

A super Heinz bet is a huge multiple bet covering everything from doubles and upwards across 7 selections, so the range of coverage here is great. There are a total of 120 bets that fit into a super Heinz, so you can cover many events in just one bet. The best are 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 four-folds, 21 five-folds, 7 six-folds and 1 seven-fold accumulator. This is a large number of bets and with 120 to consider, even a 0.5 unit stake would cost you 60 units, so be sure to consider this when playing a super Heinz wager.

The big benefit of a super Heinz is that you can have just two winners out of seven and see a return from your bet. It doesn’t matter which world football betting market you are using, you should be confident of getting at least two winners from seven, and that would give you something to collect from the bookmakers. The more winners you have, the more you win and even if you have four or five out of seven you can expect a very nice pay out from a super Heinz bet.