Value Betting Strategies

Betting Guide, Today: Fri 14

Value betting strategies are considered to be one of the most lucrative ways to scoop a win. However, you need to know what you’re looking for and how to go about placing your wager in order to reap the benefits. 

Value bets occur in every sports betting market. Whether you prefer to bet on football, horse racing or any other sport, from time to time you’re sure to spot a value betting opportunity. You can read more at about some of the different wagering opportunities you can benefit from. However, for now, we’ll give you a quick overview of what value betting really means. We’ll also look at how to adopt these strategies to give yourself an even better chance of a win.

The Bookmaker’s Mistake

Essentially, the term “value betting” is used when a bookmaker undervalues a bet. Many punters are scared to go against the odds determined by the bookmaker. They believe that the bookie has spent a lot of money and time on researching sports so that they can determine the very best odds in their own favour. While this is true, it’s important to remember that bookies, at the end of the day, are just humans too. Sometimes, they can make a mistake. That’s why it’s so important to always check the odds for your favourite sport carefully and to put your own knowledge into practice to spot when the odds appear to be in your favour rather than in that of the bookmaker. 

While the concept of value betting is quite simple in theory, in practice it might not always be so easy to spot a value bet in the marketplace. It’s also vital to recognise that a value bet isn’t the same thing as a sure bet. Just because you know the bookmaker has made an error, that doesn’t mean that you’ll win out overall. You should apply some caution to your value betting strategy, but if you have specialist knowledge of a particular sport, you should definitely take the risk of placing a value bet – it could turn up some lucrative winnings for you! 

Quantitative Analysis Strategy

The first value betting strategy we’ll look at is Quantitative Analysis, or Quants. This is a complex strategy which uses mathematical principles. It isn’t a great choice for beginners, but if you have strong maths skills, you should be able to get to grips with this option. Alternatively, you can use a value betting expert service which will pinpoint the ideal value bets for you.

Handicapping Strategy

The Handicapping strategy is another way to identify a good value bet. It will work best for you if you have a very strong in-depth understanding of one particular sport. If you have developed your expertise in your chosen area, you can then put your knowledge to use. Put down your numerical rating for every team then compare it with the odds being offered by your bookmaker. If the numerical rating you’ve determined is lower than the odds, you should place a bet. The trick to success here is narrowing down the niche to just one aspect of a sport. You can only make money if you know everything there is to know about a specific area, so make sure you’ve learned as much as possible so you can bring that information to bear for your profit.

Line Grinding Strategy

This is the simplest and most accessible value betting strategy which any punter can learn. It uses the sharp bookie’s odds to your own advantage, allowing you to estimate the chance of any given outcome occurring. To make this system work, you’ll need to find sharp bookmakers – ones which are operating under extremely tight margins and who won’t ban a winning player. There are a few scenarios to look out for to put this strategy into practice. One good example is if a sudden change is announced right before the football match kicks off. For example, a key player can’t play and has been substituted. In such a case, the odds on the other team winning will be slashed swiftly by most bookmakers, but for those with manual processes in place for adjusting their odds, this will take a little longer. You therefore have a small amount of time in which to take action and place a bet at the better odds.

Using A Value Betting System

If you’d rather not do the hard work yourself to identify the best value bets, you can use one of the value betting systems online with professional software. These systems are capable of identifying good value odds however you need to take care about how often you bet on the opportunities they identify. If you do it too often, you could find your bookmaker account gets suspended. Also, these systems aren’t cheap in terms of subscription fees, so it isn’t as easy a way to make money as you might think.

Should I Try Value Betting?

Value betting isn’t a entirely risk-free betting approach. If you prefer to keep things on the steadier side, you might want to stick with matched betting which is safer all around. Value betting is also primarily for those who are prepared to dedicate the necessary time and effort to working out the odds by themselves, or developing the in-depth sporting knowledge necessary to identify a good value bet. If you prefer to keep things simple, value betting strategies may not be for you. However, if you’re keen to take on a challenge, it’s worth giving it a try!