The biggest winnings in Sports Betting industry

Others, Today: Tue 18

Betting industry's popularity merely has exploded in the last decade and with the emergence of online betting and online bookies more and more people see betting as a way of living and a way to cope with the poor economic status practically everywhere in the world. It has been debated whether betting has anything or everything to do with luck or knowledge, but to win some money that can change your life upside down, you ought to have some chance behind it.

In the betting history, there have been multiple bets that have made headlines. Not only ones that brought in a lot of money, but also those bets that were unusual or weird in any way. By betting on practically unbelievable nuances, bettors across the world have made thousands of pounds. It is essential to reveal your betting location or betting shop because not all bookies offer the same odds or the same possibilities. Some of them are specialised in only some sports, while some offer the extraordinary option of you proposing an event to the bookie and they decide whether or not to accept it and provide the reasonable odd on that particular bet.

Predicting the future is always an excellent way to earn some money. One of the most famous stories originates from England, where the father of former England goalkeeper Chris Kirkland bet 100 pounds on a 100/1 odd that he will play for England before his 30th birthday. That would be nothing spectacular if the bet were not sealed when Chris was only seven years old. At the age of 25, Kirkland earned his first and only cap for England, which eventually brought 10.000 pounds to the proud father of former Liverpool goalie.

If you think that predicting someone’s international appearance might be too hard for you, go to the local karting training and scout some potential driving talents. An unnamed punter noticed Lewis Hamilton at the age of 13, driving through a local circuit. Sensing something special about the future World Championship winner, he bet 100 pounds on the young British driver, that he would eventually win the championship before his 25th birthday. He claimed nearly 125k pounds when Hamilton lifted the trophy back in 2008.

Xabi Alonso was known for his remarkable long shots and even scored on several occasions inside his half. However, early in his career, he was not recognised by this unique capability, but a confident Adrian Hayward did. He claimed that he dreamed that Alonso would score a goal inside from hi half in 2006 and decided to bet 200 on this. The bookie gave him a great 125 odd, hardly believing it could happen. However, Alonso scored twice that season within his half, most notably against Luton Town in FA Cup, which was the goal that brought Adrian some serious paper.

In general, it is difficult to find those precious games that can bring you thousands of pounds, but if you keep an eye out for a result, it might happen to you at some point. Be aware and follow the event carefully, as you never known – maybe it is just you that will secure a lucrative win.