Neymar to PSG, the most expensive transfer in football history

The summer transfer window of 2017 was one of the most shocking periods in the world of football in recent years, maybe even in history. The transfer spending spree by European clubs easily surpassed the 2-billion-pound figure, with English Premier league teams alone spending the whopping 1.4 billion pounds. However, the hottest story of the summer was the transfer of Barcelona’s superstar Neymar to Paris-St. Germain (PSG) for 199 million pounds. It was the highest transfer fee paid for a player, almost doubling the last year’s record of Paul Pogba transfer, which went up to 100 million pounds.

With the introduction of Financial Fair-Play, back in 2009 and its instalment in the world of football and football politics in 2011/2012 transfer season, it was expected that these astronomical figures would come to an end. However, it went on and culminated in PSG practically laughing at UEFA’s face and surpassing the laws of the game with such ease that you could estimate that a local law student could have come up with the idea.

When the transfer window opened, there was some speculation that Neymar was set to leave Barcelona to get more chances of winning the Ballon D’Or and becoming the best player of the world. However, the price tag by Barcelona easily persuaded buyers from England (Manchester clubs, Chelsea) that Neymar was off limits, but PSG did not think that. So they “borrowed” Neymar 199 million pounds to buy his contract out and sign for PSG as a free player. As if that was not enough for FFP, PSG bought Kylian Mbappe from Monaco for nearly 170 million pounds as well, further damaging the reputation of this instituted rule.

While Neymar’s impact and supposed link-up with Edinson Cavani and Mbappe as mentioned earlier can’t come into question, it is difficult to estimate whether the best player in the world can come from Ligue One in the future. Neymar’s transfer can make sense because Neymar is now easily the greatest player in Ligue One and could become the best player ever to play in France if he stays there long enough. But the fact that French teams have not played a significant role in Europe since 2004 and Monaco’s final against Porto can only make it harder for the Brazilian.

Neymar’s quest to become the best player of the world must be bricked by the eventual result of the Brazilian national team at the upcoming World cup in Russia, where Neymar will come as one of the biggest stars. In 2014 Brazil was humiliated at the hands of Germany, but now Brazil finally has some leaders in their team, Neymar, of course, being one of them.

Neymar’s multimillion-pound transfer to PSG looks incredible if you look at the further development of the transfer market, but if you calculate the earnings, marketing and eventual results he can bring to PSG, it seems like a bargain deal. Only time will tell, but for now, we can sit back and enjoy his action in the jersey of this Paris-based club.

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