Roger Federer, the best tennis player of them all

Roger Federer, the best tennis player in the world

By purely analysing history and all available data, it is easily visible that some of the most significant athletes of all time were parts of the individual sporting activity. That is why we have Muhammad Ali in boxing, Tiger Woods in golf, Michael Phelps in swimming and also Roger Federer in tennis. While the world of tennis has managed multiple Grand Slam winners and some fantastic players over its nearly 100-year history, Roger Federer is arguably considered to be the greatest tennis player in the Open era and also one of the greatest individual athletes of all time.

Ever since his emergence in the early 2000s, Federer was considered an up-and-coming tennis player, beating the French Open winner of 1999 Carlos Moya at the Marseille Open in 1999. It would take slightly over one year of his professional career to achieve his first ATP win, as he cruised to a 2001 Milan Open title. In such event, Roger Federer made a name of himself and at the age of 19 became the next big thing in the tennis world and one-to-watch in the future, slowly overtaking the throne from Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi.

In the next 16 years, Roger Federer managed to win 93 titles in the Open Era, which brings him third in the overall, all-time list, right behind Ivan Lendl (94) and Jimmy Connors, who sits lonely, top of the list with 109. While Federer is now a 36-year-old, it would be pure amateurism to underestimate his quality, since he was “set” for retirement on multiple occasions in the past, but has proven the critics wrong and has returned stronger than ever before. The Grand Slam tournaments are the tournaments where Federer truly shines, as he won 19 of them, more than any other tennis players, with his rival Rafael Nadal being the closest with 16.

With a nearly 18-year-long professional tennis career, it is hard to imagine that he never had any stains in his career and is well respected on and off the tennis field. His rivalries with Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Roddick in newer history and Andre Agassi in the past, are considered among the greatest ever, right there with McEnroe/Borg. His rivalry with Spanish tennis genius Rafael Nadal is always a hot topic and is going on for nearly fifteen years now. It is practically hard to imagine that in any sport it is possible to have a rivalry of this timespan, especially in a sport where endurance, stamina and form play such an important role.

With 36 years of age, it is clear that Federer will not play for a very long time now. His career is coming to a natural end, and there is a strong indication that he will retire when he still is one of the greatest players on tour. His second ATP ranking at the moment might be temporary because 2017 was indeed his years and has reminded us of his best tennis in the late 2000’s when he was untouchable. 

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