June 2018 Tipsters Competitions Winners

Others, Today: Mon 27

Month June is over and as usually, we have two winners for our tipster’s competitions.

June was a really though month for punters, a month where the bookmakers filled their pockets with profits due to all the strange results from the World Cup 2018 group stages. From what we know, some bookies had a margin of 50% during the worst days from the World Cup.

Still cannot believe that Germany and Poland have been sent home from the group stage while Spain, Portugal and Argentina haven’t reached the quarterfinals.

One of the lucky fellows who scored profit this month is Conor, he managed to win 100 EUR’s via June Tipster of the Month competition exactly in the last day, his profit wasn’t great, only 21 units but still was better than what the majority achieved. The 2nd winner is Rekovich, he grabbed 50 EUR’s thanks to Mister Popularity of month June competition. The shares his tips obtained sent him straight on the 1st position.

Hope July will be better and we will start seeing again nice profits scored by all of us, good luck guys !