May 2018 Tipsters Competitions Winners

Tipsters Competitions, Month May Winners

Our Tipsters Competitions for month May are over and time has come to present the winners. As you already know, there have been two Tipsters Competitions running in month May.

·      Tipster of the Month – 100 EUR PRIZE

·      Mister Popularity – 50 EUR PRIZE


Before speaking about the winners, we would like to thank you all for being a part of our community. Although we are still a small community, looks like we are very united. During this month, we received feedback from various users that there were some tipsters in our community which didn’t play fair. For example, the users King and Greco, in the last day of the competition “Tipster of the Month” they were on the 2nd and 3rd place and in the last hours of the day, both placed multiple tips on the event “Slovakia v Netherlands” in such a way that any situation would have occurred, except for Slovakia winning the match, one of them would have scored a big profit and took the first position of the competition.

Initially, we thought that this is just a deal between two friends, although wasn’t fair for the other players, wasn’t violating any of our rules.

After a more detailed investigation, we have noticed that behind those users, is the same IP and device, with other words, there is only one individual behind those users. More than this, we extended our investigation and we noticed that there are multiple users using the same IP, which is violating our T&C’s. All those users will get their all their tips voided, we will not ban them at this moment but we will keep a close eye on their activity. Here is the list of users which shared the same IP:


·      King

·      Simon

·      Greco

·      Tilo

·      Brave

·      English

·      Takeiteasy

·      Rxb

·      Marcos


Not cool guys, not cool ...

Now after we assured that everybody played fair, we can finally announce the winners.

Month May, Tipster of the Month competition, was won by one of our oldest users Fullhouse, in May he scored a profit of almost 150 units. Although he was in a top position in the last days of the competition, Fullhouse was very close not to qualify for the award because of the number of tips posted. In the last day, he only had 10 posted tips and the minimum for this competition was 20 but he managed to recoup on the last 100 meters. Congratulations mate, you just got your first 100 EUR's from us. Hope that in the future you will become more active :).

In month may, we also had the Mister Popularity competition, a competition where we don't count your profit but your social media shares. Here, the winner was Informer, he got 48 shares and 50 EUR's from us, as an award. Thanks for spreading the word.

Please be reminded that for Mister Popularity competition, you must use the built-in share functionality, available under the tip page, otherwise, we will not be able to count your shares.


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