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Be ready to change your perception of baseball. You’re thinking Yankees, Mets, Orioles and Astros. Think again. According to the World Baseball Softball Confederation, around 65 million people play either baseball or softball in more than 140 countries.

It’s big business, not just in the USA, but also Cuba and Japan. In the latter, it is one of the most popular spectator sports.

And to bookmakers, that means it is a sport with markets they want to create.

Baseball is the professional tipsters dream. There are well-established statistics, shared by the leagues, clubs, and media. In short, information is freely available on form, ability and injuries.

Don’t just think MLB, broaden your horizons to Japan and the Little Leagues. Any professional league is ready for a betting market.

Today’s Free Baseball betting tips and predictions

On ‘Today’s Free Baseball betting tips and predictions’, the rest of the community is sharing their best tips for the day’s action on the diamond.

With most of the action in the USA – the MLB is the world’s biggest professional baseball league – but there’s a lot going on in other countries. Keep your eye on the action!

Feel free to join in the fun and add your own tips!

Baseball tournaments covered with free betting tips

Major League Baseball is a massive business and bookmakers love it. If bookmakers invented a sport, it would be one with the array of statistics like baseball.

The depth of markets in baseball is growing, with in-play odds more competitive than ever. With the length of each match, there’s plenty of scope for in-play markets.

If we take the MLB as an example, each regular season features 2,430 games. That is a phenomenal number of tips waiting to be shared between the community! Add to that, up to 43 more games in the postseason, including the World Series and your head begins to spin at the opportunities to make a bookmaker cry.

Best Baseball Betting Tipster

The simplest way to find out who the baseball tipsters who know their stuff really are is to check out the Tipsters Competition page.

There you’ll find the rankings of each tipster in the three competitions currently being run. Mr Popularity is based on shares/likes; it could be Miss Popularity but it all comes down to whether the tips are popular.

The other two – the tipster of the month and tipster of the year – are based around the profit each tipster makes. The higher the profit, the higher the ranking; there’s no weird science about it all: money talks.

How to Bet Using OmegaTipsters Betting Tips?

It’s easy but there are some suggestions before you do so.

1.    Research the event. This is a vital part of placing any bet. Know the players/teams/horses/riders, etc. Are there injuries? What’s their form? Could this be a shock result? Look at all the information before weighing up which is the best bet.

2.    Find the bookmaker with the best odds. It sounds easy but with so many online bookmakers, it’s rare to find the best odds first time around.

3.    Place your bet and keep an eye on the live score while the baseball match is underway!

4.    Hopefully, collect your winnings!

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