Free Basketball Betting Tips and Expert Picks

Turn the corner in any street in any city centre in the world and you will most likely come across a basketball court. The sport is one of the few which is truly global, becoming popular thanks to its’ accessibility.

Which makes the sport among the most popular betting markets, of which the NBA is the biggest. It’s popular with every sports television broadcaster and major websites; there’s no shortage of information about form, injuries, and history.

Today’s Free Basketball betting tips and predictions

On Today’s Free Basketball betting tips and predictions, the rest of the community is sharing their best tips for the day’s action on the diamond.

With action around the world, there is a constant flow of matches from the elite professionals to the US collegiate game. From EuroLeague and EuroCup to the NBA; all sides of the Pacific and the Atlantic has basketball games throughout the seasons.

Which gives bookmakers plenty of markets to explore and offer a wide range of odds. In turn, that means tips galore for the community to share, which we’ll talk about lower down the page.

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Basketball tournaments covered with free betting tips

Basketball is one of the top 10 supported sports around the globe. With the NBA being one of richest leagues in the world, there’s a lot of betting action to be found.

Our basketball coverage isn’t just limited to the biggest and best; we cater for all nations with their own league or national cup. Don’t forget there are international tournaments as well, particularly in the Olympics.

Best Basketball Betting Tipster

An active community is only as good as its’ members so ours is the best, naturally. With all the tips entered on a regular basis, can you immediately spot the tipster who is in the know?

The answer to that is found on the Tipsters Competition page. That’s where we show the rankings of each member of the community in the three competitions underway.

They are free to enter – like everything else on the site – and you only have to post your tips to be in with a chance to any of the monthly or annual cash prizes on offer. The Tipster of the Month / OmegaTipsters 2017-18 is won by the biggest profit made by tips.

Mr Popularity is for the tipster whose tips are shared and liked most frequently by the community.

How to Bet Using OmegaTipsters Betting Tips?

It’s easy but there are some suggestions before you do so.

1.    Research the event. This is a vital part of placing any bet. Know the players/teams/horses/riders, etc. Are there injuries? What’s their form? Could this be a shock result? Look at all the information before weighing up which is the best bet.

2.    Find the bookmaker with the best odds. It sounds easy but with so many online bookmakers, it’s rare to find the best odds first time around.

3.    Place your bet and keep an eye on the live score while the basketball match is underway!

4.    Hopefully, collect your winnings!

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