Free Asian Handicap Betting Tips for Basketball

Basketball Betting: Asian Handicap Markets

Basketball’s high-scoring nature lends itself to betting markets which embrace the spread of points. With each match split into quarters, there are plenty of sub-markets for bettors to participate in.

Not only do teams fit into this scheme well, so too do the players. But in the Asian Handicap markets, only the match result at the intervals or full-time are covered. 

So, let’s take a deeper look at the Asian Handicap markets.

What are the Basketball Asian Handicap Markets?

Think of the Asian Handicap market as a head start in a match. It’s displayed against teams with a ‘+’ or ‘-‘ sign. 

If it’s a ‘+’ sign, then so long as the team doesn’t lose by more than the value appended, you win. For example, if Utah Jazz is +10.5, you need them to lose by less than 10.5 points to collect your bet.

Conversely, if they are given ‘-10.5’, they must win by more than 10.5 points for you to win. 

How to Spot Suitable Games for Basketball Asian Handicap Tips?

Every game is suitable for Asian Handicaps, especially those where one of the teams involved has really short odds.

If one team is as close to a nailed-on certainty as there can be, bookmakers odds are likely to be unattractive unless your wager is a substantial sum. Then, it’s worth looking at the Asian Handicap odds to find value in the market. 

Remember, the odds are only attractive if you do your research thoroughly beforehand. You need to know if a team is sustaining its’ form, whether players are injured, suspended, or just plum out of luck. 

Once you’ve checked out the stats, log in to your OmegaTipsters account and find out what the rest of the community thinks about the matches you want to bet on!

How to Build Your Basketball Asian Handicap Accumulator

A basketball Asian Handicap acca can pay out handsomely, but you must make sure you have researched each game properly. 

Key to that is checking the OmegaTipster community and seeing what the word on the electronic street is. Our members are on the ball and know their hoops better than anyone!

How to Find Basketball Asian Handicap Betting Offers?

Our Betting Offers page brings the best bookmaker bonuses and odds boosts found anywhere on the web.

While the community works hard to share tips, we think this is the best way of raising a glass to you!

Who is Posting Basketball Asian Handicaps Betting Tips on OmegaTipsters

You are, he is, she is; everyone is. Ours is a vibrant community where you get the best out of it by putting tips in! All our tipsters are eligible for cash prizes every month!

Can You Win Real Money by Posting Basketball Asian Handicap Betting Tips on OmegaTipsters?

Yes and the only thing you have to do is be a contributing tipster. Every tip puts you into the running for Tipster of the Month, a title won by the tipster with the most impressive yield in a month. If you are Mr Consistent, you might be crowned Tipster of the Year! 

And even if you aren’t, there’s still a chance that you could be Mr Popularity, the award given to the most shared tipster every month. 

It really is that simple. For more information, check out our Competitions page!

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