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Of all Europe’s major leagues, the Bundesliga is surely the most under-rated? With high physical intensity and technical ability, it’s one of the best spectacles, week in, week out.

Which means it’s front and centre for the knowledgeable OmegaTipsters community. Join us for all the last match information and the sharpest betting tips from around the globe.

Don’t forget to pass on your tips too! It’s a community so share to your heart’s content so everyone has a great chance to beat the bookies!

Read on to find out how our Bundesliga Betting Tips and Predictions work.

1. Are the Bundesliga Betting Tips for Free?

It seems too good to be true, but it isn’t. 

OmegaTipsters prides itself on being the best betting tipster community you can find, and we don’t believe that anyone should pay a cent to benefit. 

All we ask is that you join in! Sharing makes the betting tipster world go around so if you have the inside track on any sporting event, don’t be shy, pop by and say, “Hi!” with your tip. 

And sharing isn’t simply for the goodness of your heart – you can win CASH prizes. Check out our ‘Competitions’ page to find out how you could become tipster of the month, tipster of the year or the most-shared tipster. THREE ways to make yourself popular with the rest of the community and boost your bank balance!

2. When are the Bundesliga Betting Tips Posted?

Most of the activity on the OmegaTipsters forums begins 24 hours before a match. Once the weekly media duties are completed by coaches, the important information of team news can be woven into the formbook so that the magic begins.

3. Are there any Bundesliga Accumulator Betting Tips?

You betcha! Accumulators, aka accas, is the buzzword in betting. Bookmakers love them because more often than not, they don’t pay out and we love them because if you build them sensibly, they do!!

And when the odds are short, it’s a great way to find value in the markets.

So, how do you build an acca? Take four or more single bets and combine them into one. If all four come in, you win. If one doesn’t, you lose. It really is all or nothing.

Before you take the plunge, check what your friends at OmegaTipsters are saying and continue to build your winnings! 

4. Can I post my own Bundesliga Betting Tips?

It’s this which makes OmegaTipsters such a great place! You share, he shares, she shares; we all share our tips. The best odds + the best knowledge = the best tips on the web.

5. Can I place my bets on the Bundesliga Betting Tips?

For sure! You take the money from the bookie and the tipsters who provide the tips get the points in the three cash prize competitions we run! Everyone’s a winner!

But never forget that betting should be fun. Beating the bookies is fun but when the fun stops, stop. Never exceed your maximum stake and never chase losses. Ask for help before it gets out of hand.

6. Are there any special betting offers for the Bundesliga?

While the community provides the tips, we scour the web to find the best promotions and offers from the online bookmakers and bring them to you.

Keep an eye on our ‘Betting Offers’ page to make the most of your wagers.

7. Daily Football Tips

For every Bundesliga match, OmegaTipsters carries the latest tips, predictions and previews

Before you place a bet, check what our community has to say about the game.

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