Goalscorer Betting Tips for Football

Football is all about goals. Goalscorers are the heroes of fans young and old. And they are heroes in betting markets as well.

Here at OmegaTipsters, we want you to beat the bookies. Our handy series of guides explain the main betting markets so that you have the best chance of winning. 

Our community may seem as if everyone is a tipster wizard, but they were novices once upon a time, so there’s a lot of understanding about how people feel. A remember, you may be the sorcerer’s apprentice now but one day you too will be a Merlin!

This post looks at the Goalscorer markets.

What are the Goalscorer Markets in Football?

There are several main markets, all of which are self-explanatory. You pick the player you think will be:

  1. First goalscorer
  2. Anytime goalscorer
  3. Final goalscorer
  4. Scores two or more goals

There are others including doubles which offer bets on a player to score and his team to win, but all of them have one thing in common: they love a goalscorer.

How to Spot Suitable Games for Football Goalscorer Tips?

Finding the men – or women – who are sticking the ball into the back of the onion bag is quick and easy: look at the scoring charts! They tell you everything, don’t they?

Well, no they don’t. They will tell you which players have scored a lot of goals in a season but nothing more. You won’t be able to tell if those goals all came in the first six games or if a player is consistent. You won’t be able to tell if a player regularly breaks the deadlock or if he’s just a flat-track bully who scores when his team are two or three ahead.

And you certainly won’t be able to use those lists to see if there are any mental blocks to overcome. Harry Kane, for example, bangs them in regularly for Tottenham. Tops the scoring charts all the time. Except in August. Never registered a Premier League goal in August (at the time of writing; he’ll probably break that duck next week now!). 

The scoring charts don’t tell you that gem. 

It’s that kind of detail which gives you an edge in the tipster stakes and how you can avoid the traps bookmakers set. Look beyond the numbers and find patterns before laying your bets. 

And most importantly, check out the tips on OmegaTipsters. Everyone knows facts that other people don’t or have forgotten!

How to Build Your Goalscorer Accumulator

Be savvy! Let me give you an example.

John Jensen played for Arsenal from 1992 to 1995. He didn’t score in his first few games, a run which soon hit 10 games. Then 15, 20, and so on.

People began betting in the anytime goalscorer markets as his odds drifted, adding him to accumulators to get astronomical odds. Some bet religiously he would score at every game. 

He eventually scored his only Arsenal goal in his 98th match. At long odds; people celebrated until they realised they had lost considerably more than they won on that day. 

And after that day, they viewed him as a jinx because his only goal came in a 3 – 1 home defeat, begging him to never score again!

The moral of the story: bet with your head, not your heart. A bet like that can wreck the most accurate of accumulators. 

Make sure you get your dose of sanity from OmegaTipsters where the tips are based on logic, not hopes and dreams.

How to Find Football Goalscorer Betting Offers?

We know how hard our tipster community works to pass on their pearls of tipster wisdom and gems for the markets. That’s why we hunt down the best bookmaker offers and bonuses for you!

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Who is Posting Goalscorers Betting Tips on OmegaTipsters

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