Free Asian Handicap Betting Tips for Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey Betting: Asian Handicap Markets

Ice hockey brings thrills and spills to the fans, and excitement to the betting markets. While the NHL in the USA attracts a lot of the media attention, there are strong leagues in Europe, particularly in the east.

It’s a fantastic way to enhance your betting experience. Watching the action on the rink, knowing the next goal could quite easily be the one which sinks your bet or sends the rewards soaring. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to beat the bookies and in a sport where the Asian Handicap market has several strings to its’ bow.

What are the Asian Handicap Markets?

Essentially, Asian Handicap markets are all about evening out a match. A strong favourite will usually have short odds in a fixture; a handicap means more enticing odds are available on an otherwise dud match.

In ice hockey, there are two main Asian Handicap markets: on a match basis, or in the post-season, a series basis.

The match basis handicap will see a team start with a head start or be giving their opponents a head start. If you see a handicap set at +2, this means the team has a head start and so long as they do not lose by more than two goals/points, then the bet wins.

Conversely, if they had a handicap of -2, they must win by more than two points for your bet to win.

On a series basis, the spread will work in a similar way except be over the number of games a series is won by. 

So, for example, the NHL playoffs are best of seven matches; a handicap on that might be set at +2, which means that so long as the series isn’t lost by more than 2 matches, the bet wins. For a -2 handicap, the team must win by more than two matches.

In this instance, the handicap can never be more or less than +/-3 as it is first to four to win the series.

How to Spot Suitable Games for Ice Hockey Asian Handicap Tips?

It’s not as tough a question as which came first: the chicken or the egg? Quite simply because you can through to the chase quickly. 

There are a lot of statistics websites around which point you in the right direction as far as team form or players are concerned. You need to research your bet before laying it. 

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How to Build Your Ice Hockey Asian Handicap Accumulator

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How to Find Ice Hockey Asian Handicap Betting Offers?

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Who is Posting Ice Hockey Asian Handicaps Betting Tips on OmegaTipsters

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Can You Win Real Money by Posting Ice Hockey Asian Handicap Betting Tips on OmegaTipsters?

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