Free Match Winner Betting Tips for Tennis

Tennis Betting: Match Winner Markets

Word association game: tennis…betting probably wasn’t in the first ten words you thought of. Yet the tennis betting markets are growing rapidly as the sport shakes it off the elitist image it holds. 

Tennis is fortunate that we’re in a golden age for the sport. The likes of Djokovic, Federer, Nadal, and Murray all found the fountain of youth in the men’s game while the Williams are constantly challenged by a seeming production line of young emerging talent. 

So, why is tennis popular in betting? The definitive nature of the sport – there is always a winner – makes for exciting action while the scoring system is embraced by spread bets. 

We begin our look at tennis betting with the match winner markets 

What are the Match Winner Markets?

It’s the simplest market to understand: pick the match winner. Nothing complicated: check the players form. Do they favour a particular surface? Are they carrying injuries? Who holds bragging rights when the players met previously and on what surface?

It’s all about research. 

Finding value is tricky in this market. Rarely will you do so in the early rounds of a tournament with the top three or four seeds. As the big guns meet, so the value begins to appear in their matches. 

So, it time to pay attention to the wild cards and the lower-ranked seeds. Gen up on their data and keep your eye out for the young, up and coming players, as well as the older pros returning from injury.

How to Spot Suitable Games for Tennis Match Winner Tips?

The seeding system and draws mean you can foresee the path to the final stages of a tournament. Even so, it’s all about value odds. Getting bets in early is key, but risky; injuries and withdrawals can happen at any time. 

Checking what the experts are saying can give you pointers in the direction of the matches to look at. 

And not all experts are in the media; quite a few of them are on OmegaTipsters! The level of knowledge of our tipster community never ceases to amaze us. Don’t place a bet without checking what your fellow tipsters are saying!

How to Build Your Tennis Match Winner Accumulator

Take it slowly. Don’t be swayed by long odds; there’s a good reason for the bookmakers being generous and it isn’t for you to make money. 

The best way to build your acca is to do your research and then check out the tips on the OmegaTipsters boards. You won’t find a better reference point that your fellow tipsters!

How to Find Tennis Match Winner Betting Offers?

We’ve got your back on this one. While you share the tips, we look in every nook and cranny to find the best offers on bookmaker websites. 

All you have to do to take advantage of them is sign up, log in, and drop onto the ‘Betting Offers’ page. It’s for members only so don’t miss out by not joining in!

Who is Posting Tennis Match Winners Betting Tips on OmegaTipsters

It should be you because they are! Who are they? Your fellow tipsters. They know we all want to beat the bookies and sharing tips brings betting tip karma into play. 

Share to win is the motto! Don’t underestimate the depth of knowledge because their yields are impressive!

Can You Win Real Money by Posting Football Goalscorer Betting Tips on OmegaTipsters?

Remember when you were young? Your parents told you to ‘share and share alike’. Well, if you share on OmegaTipsters, don’t forget to share your like! The tipster you’re sharing could be Mister Popularity and win the prize for the most shared tips. And yes, it’s genuine cash!

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