A share could be worth hundreds of €!

OmegaTipsters just launched a new functionality for the website! You can now share your tips with other tipsters or with your friends on Facebook! Not only will you be able to let everyone know just how skilled you are, but you can boost your rankings in OmegaTipsters’ competitions and even be the ultimate winner!

The rankings will be boosted based on the total number of Facebook shares your tips will get (only shares made using the built-in functionality on our website will count). You can see a notification pop up right after you’ve posted your betting tip on OmegaTipsters, right on the betting tip page.

Boost your winnings - 1

Another way to get a booster is by going on the tip page, and share it from there.

Boost your winnings - 2

Don't forget that all the tips available on our website are free of charge, as a sign of respect for the tipster, we could at least share his tip and show our gratitude.

There are two competitions where sharing is caring and will bring you great success:
The Mister Popularity for October competition where ranking is done 100% on the number of shares and you can win premium subscriptions (1x Gold - €125, 2x Silver - €100) on BetOnValue, a website for 100% sure arbitrage betting which will help you get guaranteed profits on each bet. 
The second competition is the Tipster of the Month, where ranking is based on the social shares and on profitability, and you can win no deposit bonuses. If you are into math, here you can see how the booster is calculated:

1 Facebook Share = 15% Boost from the betting tip stake

Minimum 5 Facebook Shares = 20% Boost from the betting tip stake

Minimum 10 Facebook Shares = 35% Boost from the betting tip stake

Minimum 25 Facebook Shares = 50% Boost from the betting tip stake

Minimum 50 Facebook Shares = 70% Boost from the betting tip stake

Minimum 100 Facebook Shares = 150% Boost from the betting tip stake

Total boost generated during this competition cannot exceed 100 units.

Start sharing today and boost your winning chances!