US Open Tipster Competition - Powered by 888Sport

500 EUR's Prize Pool is being offered by 888Sport for the US Open Tipsters Competition.

Prize: 500 EUR

About this competition

US Open Tipster Competition is powered by 888Sport , one of the best online sports book and casino operators from the market. All the US Open 2019 betting tips are qualifying for this competition. Total prize pool is 500 EUR’s and the awards are being offered as a FREE BET into your 888Sport account.

The US Open Tipsters Competition Leaderboard is updated in real time and is visible below. All US Open Betting Tips competition are centralised in a special page.

If you opened your account with 888Sport via the links available on our website, you will qualify for 100% of the prize. If you already have an account with 888Sport , you will still receive 50% of the prize won.

Be reminded that this is not the only tipster competition we have, there are much more competitions available on OmegaTipsters.

See terms and conditions

Open From 23 Aug 2019 00:00 GMT - To 09 Sep 2019 23:59 GMT
1 Marko97zz Yield: 12.8%
150 EUR Prize
2 Dgovernor Yield: 13.8%
100 EUR Prize
3 JuliusNovachrono Yield: 13.5%
75 EUR Prize
4 TaskForce Yield: 14.7%
50 EUR Prize
5 Milan Yield: 0.56%
25 EUR Prize
6 Nikolinho10 Yield: 54.3%
20 EUR Prize (?)
7 Madlife Yield: 30.8%
20 EUR Prize (?)
8 chestanac Yield: 23.5%
20 EUR Prize (?)
9 Federer Yield: 79.2%
20 EUR Prize (?)
10 fullhouse Yield: 14.2%
20 EUR Prize (?)
11 Swift89 Yield: 10.7%
0 Prize (?)
12 f0rest Yield: 40.0%
0 Prize (?)
13 Gogogo Yield: 53.2%
0 Prize (?)
14 Lam Yield: 1.49%
0 Prize (?)
15 Joserem Yield: -8.33%
0 Prize (?)
16 RL Yield: -10.00%
0 Prize (?)
17 ygrok777 Yield: -2.50%
0 Prize (?)
18 predragrobar Yield: -100.00%
0 Prize (?)
19 s1mple Yield: -22.50%
0 Prize (?)
20 Arturooo Yield: -100.00%
0 Prize (?)
21 Dramaqueen Yield: -100.00%
0 Prize (?)
22 Nedjan Yield: -100.00%
0 Prize (?)
23 Diawara Yield: -100.00%
0 Prize (?)
24 Skullz Yield: -19.06%
0 Prize (?)
25 zhinfuncvn Yield: -15.23%
0 Prize (?)
26 Auls Yield: -39.34%
0 Prize (?)
27 journey77 Yield: -20.20%
0 Prize (?)
28 kento1976 Yield: -29.47%
0 Prize (?)
29 akachu Yield: -10.26%
0 Prize (?)
30 King10 Yield: -100.00%
0 Prize (?)
31 Mulala Yield: -61.70%
0 Prize (?)
32 ognjen89 Yield: -22.81%
0 Prize (?)
33 mikemd899 Yield: -54.87%
0 Prize (?)
34 Perez Yield: -27.75%
0 Prize (?)
35 Miguel610 Yield: -49.31%
0 Prize (?)
36 JayDi590 Yield: -27.40%
0 Prize (?)
37 AlluNaim Yield: -14.39%
0 Prize (?)
38 NikolaSRB93 Yield: -29.10%
0 Prize (?)
39 sk19 Yield: -30.92%
0 Prize (?)

Payout details

1st place : 150 EUR
2nd place : 100 EUR
3rd place : 75 EUR
4th place : 50 EUR
5th place : 25 EUR
6th place : 20 EUR
7th place : 20 EUR
8th place : 20 EUR
9th place : 20 EUR
10th place : 20 EUR

Criteria for eligible tips

Tips must be added after : 2019-08-23 00:00:00.0 GMT
Tips must be added before : 2019-09-09 23:59:59.0 GMT
In order to qualify for a prize, you need to place at least 20 eligible tips.
The profit must greater than 0 to qualify for a prize.
Only settled (not open or void) tips are eligible for this competition.
Tips must be placed on events from these tournaments to be eligible for this competition : US Open 2019 (Tennis -> United States), US Open Women 2019 (Tennis -> United States)

Terms and Conditions

1. Awards will be credited to your 888Sports account as Free Bets without wagering requirements on the winnings.

2. Free Bets should be used in 7 days from the day they are credited and only with minimum odds of 1/2 (1.50). Besides the Generic T&C's available in this page, we have specific T&C's available here .

3. Only one tipster account per person or IP is accepted

4. All content posted on is expected to contain polite language. Any form of discrimination or abusive, racist, sexist or homophobic language is strictly forbidden. Respect for the individual is one of our core values and we expect the same behavior from all our community members.

5. All content posted on is expected to be original and exclusive to OmegaTipsters. Copying content from other sources is not accepted.

6. All tips must contain a relevant title and analysis. Minimum 100 words are mandatory for the analysis field.

7. Analysis must be relevant for posted prediction.

8. Our official language is English so all posted content must be written in English. We don’t require the expertize of a native English speaker but is mandatory to have your analysis well-articulated to be easily understood by our entire community.

9. Maximum stake per prediction is 10 units

10. Maximum stake per day which can be used by a tipster is 100 units

11. We accept only single tips, accumulators are not accepted.

12. Tips are accepted with maximum 15 minutes before the event starting time.

13. Once a tip posted no future changes are possible

14. Base on competition, a minimum number of tips which must be fulfilled to qualify for the prizes: a. 10 Tips for “Mister Popularity” b. 20 Tips for “Tipster of the Month” c. 100 Tips for “Tipster of the year” d. 20 Tips for "US Open Tipsters Competition"

15. For Tipster of the Month and Tipster of the Year it is mandatory to have a positive ROI during competition interval, otherwise the winner will not be validated and award will be granted to the next tipster which is compliant with our rules

16. For Most Popular Tipster competition, the winner must have a minimum of 10 share / likes in total, otherwise he will not qualify for the prize.

17. Choosing the bookmakers which will sponsor a tip is under OmegaTipsters responsibility

18. If there are any disputes regarding the prediction posted on a tip, the tip analysis is final.

19. Tips will be counted towards a competition based on the prediction posting time and not on the event starting time.

20. Settlement will be done in maximum 24h after the event ending period.

21. Winners list will become official in maximum 48h after the competition interval expired.

22. Any tips / tipsters which didn’t complied with our general rules might be voided / banned. In case of any dispute, word is final.

23. All cash winnings are paid once per month, between 2nd at 9th of each month.

24. Other type of winnings will be awarded based on the competition period.

25. To allow OmegaTipsters to process payments, users which won a competition will have to offer additional personal informations.

26. Once a competition was won, OmegaTipsters staff will contact the winners in shortest time possible. If by any chance this is not happening, feel free to drop us an e-mail using

27. All cash payments will be done exclusively via Skrill. There are no other payment methods available. Creating a Skrill account is easy and also free. If a tipster will faily to provide us his Skrill account after 30 days his winnings will be voided.

28. The cash prizes are taxable and is under the winners responsibility to report the winnings to relevant tax authority from his own country.

In case of any disputes, OmegaTipsters decision is considered final