Free Bets Offers

Betting on sports is fun and can also be quite productive, but it’s always better to claim an exceptional offer and use it to make your way to even more fun and winnings. Out of all types of sports promotions, free bets are definitely the most popular ones, but do you know all the different types and what bets are better?

Free Bets Offers on OmegaTipsters

Free bets aren’t necessarily “free”, some have restrictions. In order for the bookmakers not to only lose money and not make anything they have to make sure that bettors don’t abuse bonuses and ruin their business. This means that most free bets you will find will actually require that you make a deposit first.

There are several types of free bets that you will find at different bookies, these are the most common ones:

  • Matched Free Bets: maybe the most popular type, this one makes it possible for the bookie to match your first bet or your deposit (depends on the bookie). So, it’s a 100% match bonus. These are betting deposit offers and will have a minimum deposit required.
  • Risk Free Bets: Here you place a bet with a bookmaker and if that bet loses then the bookmaker will refund you with the same amount up to a certain sum. Thus you’re not risking anything since you’re getting your money back.
  • No Deposit Free Bets: these are quite rare, but definitely the most exciting ones. Basically you don’t make any deposits, don’t risk any of your funds, the bookie just gives you a free bet. So, you get to play with the bookmakers funds.

How do you choose a free bet?

There are several factors that you need to take into consideration when you decide to claim a free bet:

  • Risk: if the free bet seems amazing but is from a shady bookmaker, if the rollover is too high, if anything seems too much of a stretch
  • Deposit: if you want or don’t want to make a deposit, and if so how much is too much
  • Rollover: if the rollover is too high your chances of actually coming out a winner on the other side are slim
  • Quantity: bigger is better, but only if the other factors are all right. The bonus should be the right size for you.
  • Potential Return: if the terms and conditions state that you can make a deposit and claim a bonus but you will never get more than a small sum in winnings, then sometimes it might not be worth it.

New and existing customers free bets

Many of the free bet offers out there are for new customers only. New bettors have the most options because every bookie will have at least one free bet offer for new players or even several. This gives you a large pool to choose from and the more bookmakers you have access to, the more chances of finding something amazing you have.

Free Bet offers for existing customers are less common than the previous ones, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Your loyalty can also bring you free bets. There are plenty of reload bets to get your hands on.

For example, on our betting offers page you will find a great deal of introductory welcome offers, but also some for veteran players that can help everyone out.

Bookies free bet offers for Sporting Events

On OmegaTipsters you will find a lot of bookies and all of them come with exceptional offers, one better than the other. New bettor or experienced, you will surely find something of interest. You can claim Betfair free bets, ComeOn! Deposit free bet, NetBet free bets and so many more. You can claim anything you want, it’s all up to you to check them out and pick what you like.

Always check the Terms and Conditions

It’s important that you find the perfect free bet for you so that you make the most of it. This means that you need to practice safe betting and always check the Terms and Conditions of any offer before claiming it. If you know all the details there is no way you will have any problems and everything should be smooth sailing. So, remember, be safe, bet safe and have fun!