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So, you’ve arrived at the best online betting tipster site, OmegaTipsters Betting Tips. But what can you expect from our community?

We’re here to explain about the ‘All Sports’ page on the site, explaining what it is, how it works, and most importantly, how you can get involved!

That’s how we’ve become a thriving and friendly community – your involvement! The community is only as good as its’ members and ours are fantastic.

What Are OmegaTipsters Betting Tips?

When betting experts and technology wizards meet, OmegaTipsters is their creation, with the aim of being the biggest and best online community of professional tipsters. We’re aim to achieve this goal via an easy to use platform.

Crucially, it’s a community where all-comers are welcome. From the rawest rookie to the professional tipster, this is a site where everyone can find a home.

As a way of thanking you, the best and most popular tipsters win cash prizes every month. You can find more details on our tipsters competition page.

Why Are We Offering Free Betting Tips?

Everybody wants to beat the bookie, don’t they? Few do so on their own, but we knew the best way for everyone to have the best chance of winning was to build the platform for them to do so.

Above all else, we wanted it to be free and a community where interaction with your peers is encouraged. You don’t have to worry about bias from our tipsters; nobody is paid to leave their tip.

You can trust the information on this site because its’ independent!

Which Sports Are Covered with Betting Tips?

All major sports is the answer, with some minority ones as well. Below we listed the most popular sports covered by betting tips:

Our easy to use menu across the top of the page features the major betting markets to begin with and then every other sport individually. If there is one missing that you think your fellow community members would like, let us know and we’ll see what we can create!

How to Bet on OmegaTipsters Betting Tips?

It’s easy but there are some suggestions before you do so.

1.    Research the event. This is a vital part of placing any bet. Know the players/teams/horses/riders, etc. Are there injuries? What’s their form? Could this be a shock result? Look at all the information before weighing up which is the best bet.

2.    Find the bookmaker with the best odds. It sounds easy but with so many online bookmakers, it’s rare to find the best odds first time around.

3.    Place your bet and keep an eye on the live scores while the race/match/bout is underway!

4.    Hopefully, collect your winnings!

How Can I Post My Betting Tips on OmegaTipsters?

All you’ve got to do is join us! Registration is free and we’re a friendly bunch who will help you with any questions you might have.

Once you’ve joined, the tipster world is your oyster. We welcome all your tips and if the rest of the community like your posts, you can win cash!

Can I Really Win Cash with OmegaTipsters?

Yes, you can. We’ve mentioned it a couple of times already but it’s absolutely true! Head to the Competitions page and you’ll find details of the monthly and yearly prizes. Which are cash money!

The prizes are based on profitability and popularity; the two aren’t the same thing!

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